Our goal is to make your meetings better.  More efficient.  More informative for everyone.  And shorter.  We believe in open, transparent government which is why we support Open Meeting legislation and initiatives that make government more responsive to its constituents.  Our products are simply the tangible form of our values.

Speaking of values, all our products are the beneficiaries of the lessons we’ve learned and the feedback we’ve gained through working with people just like you.  Our current product releases are 5th generation systems and are based on over 10 years of experience with councils, boards, and legislative groups of all kinds.

Since 2002, we have provided open meeting solutions that have been successfully integrated into a wide range of legislative processes. A testament to our success is that 76% of our customers come to us through referrals.

RollCall Systems, Inc. is a spinoff of Current Works, Inc.  Now in its 28th year, Current Works designs and manufactures computer peripheral devices and supporting software applications that enable effective computer usage without a mouse or keyboard.  Over 27,000 clients use Current Works technology in city/county government, corporate training programs, K-12 classrooms, special education programs, and nursing homes.

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