RollCall-Audio is a wireless microphone control system with request to speak (RTS) sequencing that gives the chairperson touchscreen on/off control of all the microphones in the room.  It can be added to provide control over almost any existing microphone system.  If your current microphone system sounds fine, we can help you add microphone control without replacing it, which saves you money.
Roll Call Voting Made Easy

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When you select RollCall-Audio, we customize the interface to reflect how the chairperson sees the microphones in the room.  We arrange the icons (each of which represents a microphone), and we label them with your members' names:
In the above screenshot, the chairman's microphone is on (indicated in yellow).  A member named Maly is currently speaking (in green), while members Schmidt, Muche, Behl, and Greshay have request to speak - in that order.

The chair can recognize one person at a time or activate multiple microphones to permit a back-and-forth conversation among members.  Also, the chair can recognize members in order or out of order, if desired.  And by pressing one button, the chair can mute all microphones.

Notice something else... We can customize the screen background or watermark any way you want.  Want a wood finish (like the one above), no problem.  You can even choose what sound to play when someone enters the RTS queue.

While the chairperson sees the screen above, an optional Info Panel can be displayed to the audience:
RollCall-Audio is delivered to you ready-to-use, already customized for your group.  All you have to do is plug it in!