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Friday, January 26, 2018 - Electronic Roll Call Voting (A Short History)

Did you know that Thomas Edison invented the first electronic voting machine? †I sure didn't. †It was way back in 1869! †Interestingly enough, they didn't beat a path to his door. †His voting technology was never used - he was ahead of the times. †In the last 15 years since we launched our first wireless roll call voting system, we have certainly seen increased interest in the benefits this technology contributes to the legislative process. †Initially, we thought the key advantages of electronic voting for local governments were vote count accuracy and, because our system is wireless, the ability to install the system without the disruption of pulling wires. †However, customers kept pointing out additional benefits. These include elimination of peer-influenced voting, a voting display/scoreboard that enables all to understand the proceedings, and overall meeting time savings.†

Curious about U. S. Patent 90646, the Electric Vote Recorder?  Check out the article on our Facebook page for more information. ††

Tuesday, November 07, 2017 - RollCall-Audio/Video for High Quality Broadcasting

It's been about a month since the Wisconsin Counties Association (WCA) conference in the Dells, and if you're like me, it's taken about that long for things to return to normal.  But man, what a conference!  I have to say it was one of the best yet.  We met with old friends, commiserated about county challenges, and (weíre really excited about this) launched a new product called RollCall - Audio/Video! 

This product combines the functionality of our wireless RollCall-Audio microphone control system (containing request to speak functionality) with a new camera control system.  All a chairperson has to do is touch an icon on their control console computer, and the person's microphone automatically activates, and the camera pans to that speaker.  Voila - High quality video is ready to broadcast!

Check out our Facebook and Google+ pages to see the fun we are having with this new product.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017 - Wood County is FIRST again!
Wood County is FIRST again!

We at RollCall Systems are proud of the relationships we have forged with our customers. And thatís because the highest compliment that a customer can pay us is to continue doing business with us. Cindy Cepress of Wood County was the FIRST to purchase a legislative voting system from us in 2003, and she just recently adopted our new RollCall Systems keypad app Ė becoming the FIRST to do so, again!

So, we thought she deserved a blue ribbon, and here's a picture of Cindy and her county board chairperson, Lance Pliml, receiving this award on behalf of Wood County. Thank you!

For more information about our RollCall Systems keypad app, visit our website at

Tuesday, August 15, 2017 - Voting With Tablets
Voting With Tablets

We at RollCall Systems have been very busy lately with new product development.  (Thatís the reason I have been
rather quiet on the blog front.)† I will let you know about each of our new products as we get closer to roll out.

However, there is one new product that we recently introduced, and itís our RollCall Systems Keypad App.† Its interface (on the left in the picture) is designed to look just like a familiar RollCall-Pro keypad (on the right), as you can see.  All members need to do is task-switch from the meeting packet into the Keypad App and vote.

Visit our Resources page to see a short video of how it works.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017 - 3 Keys to a Good Start as a New County Board Supervisor

Now that the elections are behind us, I would like to raise a toast to the New Year.  For many of us, the New Year brings resolutions.  If youíre like me, these resolutions rarely last a whole year - well - letís be honest, most donít last long enough to see their shadow in February. 

For yours truly, this year will be different! I am publicly proclaiming my resolution.  During the year 2017 I will communicate to our customers through this blog and on Facebook and Google+.  In addition, I will work with you to discuss and document tips, resources, best practices, and even inspirational quotes that can make the job of representing your constituency a little less daunting.  I invite you to join me in this effort.

Please click the "3 Keys to a Good Start as a New County Board Supervisor" subject line above to read our discussion with Gregg Moore on tips on how new county supervisors can quickly get up to speed.