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Adjusting Member Presence & Absence

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During a meeting it may be necessary for members to recuse themselves.  While they can log themselves out of the session, they don't always do that.  They may just step away, leaving themselves in "present" status.  Any time you need to adjust a member's present/absent status on your own, you actually have two options.


You can click on the member's blue P button, and this will change their status indicator to "Absent":


Making someone absent with P


If you want to disconnect them from the session entirely (or "boot" them), you can right-click on their name in the name grid.  This will display a confirmation dialog:


Booting a member


Clicking the Ok button will cause their status indicator to become blank:


Member booted


There are also times when you may wish to indicate that a member is late or excused, or recused - not simply absent.  Once a member has been designated as absent after the roll call, you may select up to 3 other user-customizable labels to indicate the type of absence:




These labels are customized in the Voter Button Setup Table on the Setup/Voting/Display tab.