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The Agenda Tab is your home base for creating and editing an agenda, possibly from your office a day or two in advance of the meeting:


Agenda Name settings


When you first begin, you have no agenda loaded, so RollCall Pro gives you 2 choices for getting started quickly: Load an agenda you've previously saved or Import a text file that's been generated outside the system, perhaps by saving a formal agenda in Microsoft Word as a text file.


Clicking the green Load button displays a dialog box that allows you to select any previously saved RollCall Pro agenda file, all of which are stored in your installation directory's Agendas sub-folder.


Clicking the orange Import button opens a dialog box that allows you to navigate anywhere on your computer and select a text file to import as a starting point.  In the text file, agenda items must be numbered, and elements of the consent agenda must be listed below the main item title and preceded with an asterisk as shown below:


Sample Text Agenda


Import files should be tab-delimited, not space delimited.  Item numbers should be separated from Item Names by a tab.  Likewise, if an agenda item has an Item Summary, there should be a tab between the Item Name and the Item Summary.


Alternatively, you can use the second row of buttons on the Agenda Tab to start from scratch and create your own agenda:


Agenda Edit buttons


The green Add Item button opens the Agenda Item Editor dialog:


Agenda Item Editor - add item


Enter the name for the new agenda item in the Item Name field or copy it from your Word or PDF agenda.


If this item is to be part of a consent agenda, click the Consent Agenda checkbox to the right of the Item Name.


If you wish to display and use the public speaker timer when this item is discussed, click the Display Timer checkbox to the right of the Item Name.


If you would like to limit voting time on an agenda item, click the Enable Countdown Voting checkbox to the right of the Item Name.


Choose the appropriate Voting Criteria for this item using the dropdown menu.  If you choose Custom, another option will appear which will allow you to enter the Number of Yes Votes Needed to pass this item.


You also have the opportunity to enter an Item Summary.  This text is shown on all display screens as the item is being deliberated, and it is also optionally displayed on members' devices.


The Preview pane below the item summary entry field shows you how the summary will be shown on the Public Display.  RollCall Pro auto-sizes the text to fit the display area available, so the longer the text you enter, the smaller the text will be.  If you are going to display a lengthy text summary, use carriage returns (the Enter key) within the item summary entry field to "break" text up onto multiple lines that are as long as possible.  You can also use the Maximize Summary button on the Meeting Tab to display a long item summary in full screen mode on the Public Display.


When you are finished entering a new agenda item, click the Ok button.  This will add your new item to the agenda and display it in the Preview Pane:


Adding Item - first


Each new agenda item added in this way will be appended to (or added at) the end of the current agenda.


If you needed to enter an agenda item that was to be dealt with prior to this item, first click on the item to highlight it as the anchor point:


Highlighting an agenda item


Then click the orange Insert Item button to open the Agenda Item Editor and describe the new item just as you did before.  When you close the Agenda Item Editor, you will see that your new agenda item (in this case, Approval of Agenda) has been placed ahead of the first item you entered (Approval of Minutes):


Inserting a new item


It is also possible to click and drag an agenda item to a new position in the list.


If you need to change an entry, first highlight it and then click the yellow Edit Item button to open the Agenda Item Editor.  Alternatively, you can simply double-click on the item you'd like to edit.  If your editing goal is to remove an item from the Consent Agenda, just uncheck the box next to the Item Name once you've opened the Agenda Item Editor.


Similarly, if you want to delete an entry, first highlight it and then click the red Delete Item button.  You will be asked to confirm the deletion.


To print the entire agenda, click the light blue Print Agenda button.


To save your agenda - either incrementally as you go or at the end once you've entered all the items - click the red Save button.  This will open a dialog box that allows you to name your agenda file.  While it is also possible to enter the agenda's name directly into the Agenda Name field, that method does not allow you to navigate to an alternate directory - perhaps on a network drive - where you wish to save your agenda.  For that reason, we recommend using the red Save button and enter your agenda name within a standard Windows Save As dialog box.