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Amending an Agenda Item

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With a motion and second already in place, a member (in this case, Doris Night) can motion to amend an item by clicking their Motion button.  You can also click on the Motion checkbox on a member's layout row checkbox.  Either way, since there is already a motion on the floor, you will be prompted to confirm this action because there's already a motion and a second on the floor:


Amend - dialog


Click on the red Accept button to confirm that this isn't a mistake, then wait until you get a second from another member.  If you do get a second on the motion to amend, RollCall Pro automatically displays the Agenda Item Editor with an item summary of "Motion to Amend" so that you can document the proposed change:


Motion to Amend Dialog


When finished describing the motion to amend, click Ok on this dialog.  This process places the motion to amend immediately prior to the original motion, as you can verify using the Agenda Item Selector:


Motion to Amend - in dropdown


Then you're ready to click the green Discuss button and bring the motion to amend into discussion mode.


After the motion to amend has been voted on, the system will return to the original item, and what you do at that point depends on whether the motion to amend passed:


If the motion to amend fails, you'll take up the original item unmodified.


If the motion to amend passes, click the yellow Edit button and modify the original item to reflect that it is to be considered "as amended".