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Discussing an Agenda Item

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Once you finish the roll call stage, you enter the main Agenda Item Cycle as shown at the top of your screen:


Agenda item cycle


You will be using this cycle over and over in your meeting as you move from discussion, to voting, to vote tallying stages on each agenda item.  Note that there's a green Next button that you can click to move from stage to stage.


While you will typically discuss each item on the agenda in order, there are times when you may take up an item out of order.  To navigate to a different item in the agenda, use the Agenda Item Selector dropdown:


Agenda item dropdown


When you are ready to take the group into the discussion stage for an agenda item, click the green Discuss button (or the green Next button):


Vote Button - Item Cycle


The only thing that happens on your screen is that you see a message in the lower right-hand corner of your screen that indicates where we are:


MM status message


The Public Display and the Member Apps change signficantly, however:


Member App - discussion


The Item Name is displayed under the group logo to indicate what the group is currently discussing.  At the bottom of the Member App, the Motion and RTS (Request to Speak) buttons display.


RollCall Pro displays the right buttons at the right time on members' app displays.  You've heard of WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get), haven't you?  We refer to our Member App interface as WYSIWYN (What You See Is What You Need).


On the Meeting Manager screen, a green Maximize Summary button is displayed to the right of the Item Summary field:




Clicking this button displays the Item Summary in full screen mode on the Public Display:


Maximized Item Summary


Think of this presentation as a title slide.  If your item summaries are long, you can use the green Maximize button to display information that's helpful to your audience.  You can bring the system back to its default Public Screen presentation by clicking the red Minimize Summary button:




You can also cause the system to display these summaries automatically as soon as you bring them up for discussion.  (Refer back to the Discussion Display options under Configuring the System/Voting/Display to see how this is done.)


While an item is being discussed, you're able to take notes in the Item Notes field to the right of the Item Summary field:


Item Notes


These notes will be written into the meeting results file once this agenda item has been processed.