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The Display Tab contains settings related to the group's name and logo as well as to the text of button labels that will be shown on members' tablets.


The group's name and its associated logo as displayed on various public screen are entered or selected using these controls:


Group Name & Logo Settings


Enter the group's name (for example, Johnson County Board) into the Group Name field, then click "Update" to publish this name throughout the system wherever it is used. This name is also used as the suffix of your text-based Results file.


To display a Group Logo, click the "Load" button.  This action will display a File Open dialog that will allow you to navigate and point to a file that you wish to use.  Valid file types are JPG, PNG, and BMP.  A scrollable area toward the bottom of the Display Tab will display a preview of the logo you've selected.


The actual text labels displayed on member's device buttons as well as the text that is shown on-screen and in results for things like "Yes" and "No" are established in the Voter Button Setup table:


Voter Button Setup


Customize the values in the Button Label column to correspond to your group's customs.  Many groups, for example, use "Yea/Nay" rather than "Yes/No", and this table allows you to record your own values.


Note: The last 3 items in this table are not like the others.  EXCUSED, LATE, and RECUSED are 3 alternate forms of "ABSENT" that the RollCall Pro operator can choose to display instead of "ABSENT", if needed.


The App Display settings allow you to control whether or not to display agenda item summaries and your group's logo within the Member App:



App Settings


Check the checkbox to the left of Show Summary In App to display each agenda item's summary on the app.  Though the item summary display area on the app is scrollable, you may not wish to use members' limited display "real estate" in this way, especially if members can easily see the Public Display where this information is always visible.


Similarly, you may not want to utilize members' device displays to Show (the group's) Logo In App, in which case you'd want to uncheck this option.


The Discussion Display settings allow you to control whether or not you wish to display agenda item summaries in full screen mode as each item is brought up for discussion and for how long.


Discussion Display Settings


If you don't want to Display Item Summaries on the Public Display, choose the "No" option.  ("Yes" is the default.)  Even if you choose not to display item summaries below item names on the Public Display, you may still use the Maximize/Minimize buttons on the Meeting Tab, if and when you wish to display the full wording of a resolution to the group.


If you wish to display item summaries in full screen mode manually (or perhaps not at all), select the "No" option for Auto-Display Item Summaries.  This will allow you to use the Maximize/Minimize buttons on the Meeting Tab to display the full wording of a resolution to the group.


By default, User-adjustable name font sizes is unchecked, allowing RollCall Pro to auto-maximize the size of member names on the Public Display.  On the other hand,  if your group has members with extremely long names, RollCall Pro may re-size the text of those names to fit the space provided, causing member names to appear in different font sizes.  If you wish to control member name font sizes manually, uncheck this option and use the Edit menu options to adjust member names manually.