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Editing Screen Layout and Font Size

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In the screenshot above, the font size and overall layout of the members' names can be modified on the Edit menu:


Change Members Layouts


To change the layout of the members' names on the screen, choose "Change Members Layouts":


Display Settings


You can make adjustments to your Meeting Manager screen independently of the layout used on the Public Window.  Clicking Ok re-draws the member names on your screen:


Meeting - b4 start 2 layout


You can also change member name font size on the same Edit menu, so you could easily make them larger, if desired:


Change Text Size


This font size control can be applied to each display - Meeting Manager and Public Screen - independently.  However, the changes you make to the Public Screen font sizes only apply if you have checked User-adjustable name font sizes on the Display Tab.


Once you have the display(s) looking the way you want, click the red Save button to save your configuration changes.