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Editing the Consent Agenda

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If your group uses consent agendas to vote on relatively routine items as a group, you know there are times when a member will ask that one or more consent agenda items be pulled and dealt with separately.  To pull items that are to be voted on individually, click the Consent Items button to the right of the Consent Agenda entry in the Agenda Item Selector dropdown menu:


Consent Items button


This will display the Consent Items Viewer, which holds a list of the items in the Consent Agenda:


Consent Items Viewer


To pull an item, simply uncheck it - "Pay Bonuses", for example - and it will be removed from the Consent Agenda and automatically placed after the Consent Agenda:


Consent Agenda - pulled


In this way, the item that has been "pulled" is ready and waiting as soon as we've finished voting on the Consent Agenda.