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RollCall Pro is an easy-to-use, full-featured roll call voting system for legislative groups of all kinds: city councils, county boards, school boards, committees, etc.


Version 4 has 2 software components: a Meeting Manager and a Member App:


The Meeting Manager is used by a group's clerk or secretary to bring up legislative items for discussion & voting and to capture meeting results.


The Member App is used by voting and non-voting members to interact with the Meeting Manager.  Members use it to log into or connect to the Meeting Manager, to introduce motions & seconds, to register a request to speak, and to vote on items.


Any number of groups can use the same Meeting Manager application on the same computer.


The Meeting Manager organizes all its functions on just 2 tabs:


Setup and Meeting tabs


The Setup Tab options let you customize the system for a group's use.  When you enter a group roster and establish its meeting rules, you are creating a RollCall Pro Configuration file that you re-use each time that group meets.  You would only change this file if, for example, its membership changes.


The Meeting Tab houses all the controls you need to guide a group through a meeting.


All you do from meeting to meeting is create & load a new agenda (on the Setup Tab), then start & run the meeting (from the Meeting Tab).


Though this manual describes all the options in the Meeting Manager, we encourage you to explore the system on your own and to use this manual purely as a reference document.  To help you learn the system, we have included Micro Help (or Tool Tips) for each option in the system.  Simply hover over an option (for example, Display Vote Tally) to display its Micro Help text (shown below the option itself):


Micro Help example


In addition, we have color-coded certain operations:


Since green typically means go, we show in green the buttons or operations that are your logical next steps depending on where you are in your meeting.


Buttons used for editing items are yellow.


Buttons that are red indicate major actions (such as Delete Item or End Meeting), which are actions you're asked to confirm.


Look for these color cues for guidance on what to do next.