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Loading an Agenda

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In the previous section of this manual, we illustrated how to create an agenda to use in a meeting.  When it's actually time to use an agenda in a meeting, you must first load it.  On the Setup Tab click on the Agenda Tab:


Agenda Name settings


Click the green Load button to display a dialog box that allows you to select the previously saved RollCall Pro agenda file you plan to use in your meeting.


If you do not load an agenda to use in your meeting, that's OK.  RollCall Pro will let you run a meeting without a pre-loaded agenda and will simply bring up items named "Item 1", "Item 2", etc. using the default voting criteria you established in your Configuration file.  You can either edit these default item labels on the fly during the meeting as items come up for deliberation or keep track separately of which item number corresponds to a particular agenda item (Item 3 = Approve Minutes, for example).


Once you have loaded your meeting's agenda, click on the Meeting Tab.