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Managing the RTS Queue

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When members request to speak, their requests display in yellow on the clerk's Meeting Manager screen as well as on the Public Display.  If you are numbering the RTS queue, then these requests will also show who raised their hand (digitally) first, second, etc.


RTS - Initial queue


The chairperson can recognize anyone in any order, and RollCall Pro allows you to reflect the chair's decision by clicking on any present member's RTS icon:


RTS - MM icon with arrow


If you wish to recognize members in RTS order, you can click the green Next RTS button that activates to the right of the Item Notes field:


Next RTS Button


Once a member is recognized, their associated RTS icon blinks in red:


RTS - one recognized


If speakers are recognized out of order, then RollCall Pro automatically renumbers the remaining speakers in the queue.


Note: If your chairperson is using RTS Pro to manage discussion and to activate microphones & cameras automatically through its touchscreen interface, then the Meeting Manager screen merely reflects the actions taken by the chair.  The clerk or operator of the Meeting Manager does nothing to recognize speakers on the screen.  If RollCall Pro is connected to RTS Pro, RollCall Pro's RTS icons are disabled and inactive on the Meeting Manager screen.


If your chair is using RTS Pro, there is an additional Request to Speak setting that you should potentially adjust, Mute RTS Pro Speakers for Voting:


Mute RTS Speakers

If this option is set to "Yes", then your advancement of RollCall Pro into voting mode on an item will automatically return all microphones to their default status (usually, that's the "Off" position).  Whether or not this option is set to "Yes", your moving into voting mode will clear all the "Times Recognized" checkmarks on the chair's RTS Pro screen in preparation for discussion of the next item.