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Member Login

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Any time after you've launched the Meeting Manager - even before you've started a meeting - members can log in and connect to you.  They login by:


1.Connecting to the same network you're on


2.Entering your computer's IP address (displayed in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen)


3.Entering the Username and Password credentials you've established in your Roster table


To members using the RollCall Pro Member App, the login process looks like this:


Member App login screen


And after clicking the LOG IN button, this member is ready to go:


Member App logged in


Once a member gets connected, you see their connection status on your screen in that member's layout row on the far right:


Connected - first device


If a member's login info needs to be edited or adjusted, the yellow Settings button on the LOG IN screen allows you to edit any entry:


Member App changing settings