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Motions & Seconds

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The Motions & Seconds Tab contains 3 settings:


Motions & Seconds Settings


The first setting, Activate Motions/Seconds, indicates whether or not you wish to capture motions and seconds within the system.  A "Yes" setting will allow the system to capture motions and seconds during deliberation, and they will automatically be recorded in the meeting's results document.


The Confirm Motions/Seconds setting determines whether or not to display to the clerk a confirmation dialog after each motion and second is recorded.  If you are planning to indicate motions and seconds by means of clicking on your screen next to members' names, you may want a confirmation dialog to appear so that you can, for example, correct a mistake.  If members are making motions and seconds using their tablet devices or keypads, this option can be set to "No".


The possible ways in which motions and seconds are indicated to the system is determined by the Initiate Motions/Seconds setting.  Its three options are "By Members or Clerk", "Motion by Clerk, Second by Members", or "By Clerk Only ".  With "By Members or Clerk" and "By Clerk Only", the clerk will be able to click on checkboxes labeled "Motion" and "Second" on the screen next to the names of the members who made them, but the "By Members or Clerk" option will additionally allow members to click a "Motion" or "Second" button on their devices' screens to initiate them directly.  The "Motion by Clerk, Second by Members" option restricts the indication of a motion to the clerk and allows only members to indicate seconds using app or keypad buttons.


The Chairperson Can Motion/Second checkbox controls whether or not the chairperson is allowed to motion and second.  If checked, the chair will see motion and second buttons in the Member App whenever the group is discussion an agenda item - just like "regular" members.