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Motions & Seconds

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If you've activated this feature, motions and seconds on each agenda item are displayed on the member name grid - both on your Meeting Manager screen and on the Public Display.  Depending on your settings, you could record them on-screen as they are called out verbally or they may be recorded automatically as members press Motion and Second buttons on their devices.


If motions and seconds are being made directly by members, their displays will show a Motion button once the group begins to discuss an agenda item:




Whichever member presses their Motion button first will be recorded as having made the motion, and their layout row in the name grid will indicate that they've made a motion:


Motion - on MM


All other voting members' devices will now display a Second button:




The first member to press this button will be recorded as having seconded the motion, and their layout row in the Meeting Manager will also reflect this:


Second - on MM


Once we have a motion and second on the floor, all members' devices display an Amend button, allowing them to motion to amend:




As the clerk or secretary for the group, you always have the option of clicking on members' layout row M and 2nd buttons to record motions and seconds.


While you may not be initiating motions and seconds yourself, you are the only one who can withdraw a motion, and you accomplish that by clicking the motioner's M button to withdraw it.  You will be prompted to confirm that you wish to withdraw the motion, so there's no need to worry that you might do this by mistake.


If your group allows the reconsideration of an agenda item that's already been discussed/deliberated on, the item may already have a motion and second associated with it.  Whenever you reconsider or simply reuse an agenda item that has a motion and second already, you will be prompted to "Keep" or "Clear" them as you discuss the item again:


Keep or Clear Motions