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The settings on the Results Tab control how and where RollCall Pro's results are captured and/or saved:


Results Tab Settings


Under the heading of Record Results, there are two settings.  To ensure that RollCall Pro keeps a text record or journal of your group's meeting outcomes, the Record Results option should be set to "Yes", otherwise no text results are kept.  The location of the results file is determined by the Results Directory setting.  Click the "Browse" button to open a folder dialog and navigate to your desired results file(s) directory.


Under the heading of Print Results, there are also two settings or checkboxes that allow you capture each agenda item's vote tally screen and Send Results to Printer or Send Results to JPG or both.  The vote tally screen will show voters' positions as well as the pass/fail outcome, so it is a useful file to have on hand in some form to refer back to later.


Under the heading of Swagit Controls, there are also two settings that allow you to communicate with a Swagit video encoder "in  the background" automatically as you use RollCall Pro during a meeting.  Enter the Connection Address for your video encoder in the field provided.  Then click the Enable checkbox to Send Data to Encoder.