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The Roster Tab contains all the settings related to the membership of the group and each member's privileges:




The Roster Table has a row for each member of the group, which is controlled by the Number of Members setting.  A group can have up to 72 members.  Use the up/down controls on the Number of Members setting until it matches the size of your group.  Keep in mind that a group might include non-voting members who need to participate in the request to speak process, such as an attorney, an administrator, or a deputy.


Once you have selected the appropriate group size, adjust the Quorum setting accordingly.  The quorum should be based solely on the total number of voters. It is not affected by the number of non-voters in the group.


Each row in the table contains information about a single member of the roster:


Roster Table Row 1


The Name field holds the name of the member that is shown on the clerk's display as well as on the Public Display.


The Login Id and Password fields hold the values the member will enter into the Member App in order to log into or connect to the Meeting Manager.


The Voter checkbox indicates whether a member is a voter or non-voter.  If this box is checked, the member is a voter.


The Chair? selector is a radio button that - if selected - indicates that the member is the chairperson of the group.


The Keypad field is used in two ways:


If you are using proprietary SideKeys keypads as member inputs, this field indicates which keypad a member is using in order to participate.  This field is numeric and may contain any number from 1-72.


If you are using our companion request to speak system, RTS Pro, this field is an index field.  It doesn't matter what number you put into a particular Keypad field.  What does matter is that you put the same number into the Keypad field in both RollCall Pro's roster and RTS Pro's roster for the same member.


If you are using RollCall Pro standalone (not linked to RTS Pro), and your members are using tablet devices, the Keypad field may be left blank.


When you are finished entering your group's membership information or when you change any setting on any tab, it's a good idea to click the red Save button at the top of the Setup Tab to save your settings.