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SideKeys Keypads

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In addition to allowing members to interact with the system using tablets and smartphones, RollCall Pro Version 4 allows members to use SideKeys Wireless Keypads.  These devices have been used with previous versions of RollCall Pro, so it is not mandatory that existing users replace their keypads with "smart" devices.


However, keypads are one-way devices and do not benefit from the information flow coming from Version 4's Meeting Manager which displays on members' devices:


What item is being discussed


Who motioned and seconded


Where the member is in the request to speak queue


When it's time to vote


How the group voted on each item


Instead, we support keypads in Version 4 as a way of transitioning our existing customers to this new system.  We even allow the "mixing & matching" of keypads and devices in the same meeting, which allows those members who are ready & willing to use the Member App to do that without forcing everyone in the group to give up using their keypads.