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Tallying Votes on an Agenda Item

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If you have elected to display the Vote Tally as soon as the last voter registers a position, the system will enter the Tally stage automatically, and on your Meeting Manager screen you will see both a Vote Tally (below the name grid) as well as a Pass/Fail Outcome to the right of the tally:


Vote tally - MM


Members will also see the Vote Tally and the Pass/Fail Outcome on their devices:


Member App - vote results


On the other hand, if you elected to display the vote tally manually, RollCall Pro will present a Tally Confirmation dialog as soon as everyone who is present has cast a vote:


Tally Confirmation


Clicking the Tally button will reveal voters' positions and update the pass/fail message on the Public Display:


Voting Results - public


Note: At this point - the tally stage - you may, if needed change a member's vote on the Meeting Manager screen:




If you make any voting changes, the vote tally as well as the pass/fail outcome will reflect those changes.