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Using the Public Timer

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If you would like to display and use a Public Timer on the Public Display, remember that you must have previously:


1.Activated this option on the Request to Speak Tab


2.Checked the Display Timer checkbox in the Agenda Item Editor


(If you activated the timer feature but forgot to select to display the timer on the current agenda item, use the yellow Edit button to check Display Timer.)


Timer Controls are displayed in the upper right-hand portion of the Meeting Manager screen above Item Notes:




The countdown timer is also displayed on the Public Screen:


Timer - on public display


Click the green Start button to start the timer, and it will begin counting down:


Timer - running


You can pause the timer by clicking the yellow Pause button, which activates both yellow Resume and Reset buttons:


Timer - resume reset


You can resume the timer from its current value for the current speaker or reset it for the next speaker.


If you would like the Public Timer to fill the entire Public Display, click the green Maximize Timer button.  To return to the standard name grid display, click the red Minimize Timer button.