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Controlling Devices

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There is one more option on the Roster Tab, a button labeled Device Settings, and it has to do with controlling devices such as microphones and video cameras:




Clicking on this button, displays the Device Setup dialog:




The default setting for Connection Type: is "None".


With a setting of None, the chair will see requests to speak coming from the group's members.  The chair will also be able to recognize them on the RTS Pro touchscreen display, and those actions will be reflected on the RollCall Pro Public Display and on members' devices.  However, in order for the chair's touchscreen actions to translate to device on/off control, change this setting to either Wireless RF or Serial ASCII:




The Com Port: field will echo the port on which the computer will send ASCII characters.


Send Attempts controls how many multiples of 5 the wireless RF signals should be sent to a particular device when it is activated.  At times, it will be necessary to increase the Send Attempts setting to a higher number (with 5 as the top value), but you should start with the system set to 1.


Various other Com Settings (Baud Rate, Parity, Stop Bits, Data Bits, and Handshake) can also be manipulated.  The Restore Defaults button will set all Com Settings options to their default values.


Once you have established your desired settings, click the Connect button.  Clicking the OK button will close the Device Setup dialog, leaving all your settings intact.


When you are finished entering your group's roster information and customizing device settings, click the red Save button at the top of the Setup Tab to save your settings.


If you would like for your chairperson to be able to control devices in addition to controlling discussion, please contact RollCall Systems for more information.