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Device Layout

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The Layout Tab is used to arrange the devices in the room from the perspective of the chairperson so that, for example, the chair sees requests to speak from members on the left-hand side of the room displayed on the left-hand side of the screen.


When you click the Layout Tab for a new configuration, the devices are arranged in rows like this:


Layout default


Note: If you have more than 1 device but you see only 1, then you may need to use the Reset Icon Position option on the Edit menu to reset the icons into rows before rearranging them:


Reset icon position


You might also opt to use the Reset Icon Position option if you decide for some reason that you want to start over.


Rearranging icons is accomplished by simply clicking on and dragging icons to their new locations.


You may find - depending on the overall number of icons and your display area - that your icons need to be resized, up or down.  Use the Scale Icons option on the Edit menu to increase or decrease your icons' overall size:


Scale icons slider


Arranging icons is an iterative process because the number of total devices will affect how much scaling is possible or necessary.


When finished arranging your icons, your layout might look something like this:


Layout rearranged


All of the voters' icons - except for the chairperson - have 3 checkboxes above them.  These Times Recognized checkboxes indicate how many times a member has been recognized during the discussion of an agenda item.  They are part of a voter's icon component, so you must take them into account as you re-position icons.


On the Layout Tab, voters' icons also display a default request to speak (RTS) indicator of "3".  When you're using the system from the Meeting Tab, you will see actual RTS indicators of 1, 2, 3, etc.