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Our system prices vary based on the number of members in your legislative group(s) and on the type of input
devices you wish to use (keypads vs. tablets).  Please call us for a custom quote.
Software upgrades throughout the year
Continuous warranty on all proprietary hardware components
Installation support
Online training
Keypad insert customization (for keypad systems)
Annual system check-up & refurbishing (for keypad systems)
In Year 2 and beyond, you may optionally continue your membership in our maintenance program at a rate of 10% of the original price of your system.  And if your membership in our support plan is continuous, your rate and basis never go up.  They're locked in, insulating you from any future price increases in our products!

Note: For any system that incorporates a tablet-based input device (for voting or requesting to speak), continuous membership is required in order for the system to continue functioning.
Our system prices include one year of maintenance services at no extra cost.  These services include: