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RollCall-Pro is a completely portable wireless electronic roll call voting system.  All you need is a PC and a
projector.  Distribute keypads or tablets to your members, and you're ready to go.
The clerk’s application controls everything, and it’s incredibly easy to operate - just click the “Proceed” icon to go
to the next logical step from discussing an item, to voting on it, to tallying results:
Members use either keypads or
tablets/smartphone devices to
vote, request to speak, and
make motions & seconds.

On either device, all button
labels can be customized.  We
can even incorporate your
group's logo and members'
names on them.
Our Premium system lets you pre-load your meeting agenda, whose entries become a navigation menu that lets
you move through the items in any order:
Motions & seconds can be recorded on-screen, and they’re automatically documented in the meeting results file
as well:
Members request to speak using their keypads, and their order is shown on-screen for everyone to see:
Voting positions are revealed simultaneously - either automatically after the last voter "locks in" or manually by the clerk:
An electronic record of the proceedings containing motions & seconds, requests to speak, and voting outcomes -
all with time stamps - is automatically generated.  Simply cut & paste the voting details into minutes to meet your
open records requirements.